Top Food and Wine Influencers in San Francisco Bay Area California 2019

Wine Influencer San Francisco

Here are some of the top Food and Wine Influencers in San Francisco and the Bay Area Napa Valley, Sonoma, Mendocino, Santa Rita. The new critics are social media influencers that have gotten the attention of the relevant customer demographic and a loyal following on Instagram. Our best marketing advice for wineries located in Sonoma, Napa Valley and in Northern California is to work with influencers from the city.

Here is a list of the most impactful food and wine influencers in San Francisco:


Kendall Chase


Kendall Chase is a San Francisco based Lifestyle and Fashion Influencer and on top of it a total foodie. She shares insights and recommendations on top-notch restaurants, bars, and wineries that are appreciated by a loyal following of 24k.




Kacey is a San Francisco based Wine Influencer and a total wine enthusiast. Not only is her Instagram account with 13k followers packed with wine tastings and wine experiences. She also has a blog, in which she shares her wine and winery reviews.



Amaliny Hasselbeck

Amaliny is a San Francisco based Lifestyle Influencer and Wine Enthusiast. She has an engaged following of 22k followers in the Bay Area and shares Bay Area insights on top-notch restaurants, wineries and food experiences.



Anna Marie

Anna is a San Francisco based wine blogger with a special passion for Vinyl and Wine. She has 3.5k followers. Her unique approach to combine combining wine and vinyl keeps her followers very engaged.



Hannah Spiegel

Hannah is a San Francisco based wine blogger with almost 7k followers. Her feed is packed with wine experiences and winery tours.

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