Top 5 Bay Area Micro Influencer Lifestyle San Francisco California

The Bay Area is famous for its tech, travel, sports, and fashion scene. When you’re looking for a Bay Area Micro Influencer for your Instagram campaign, working with a local micro Instagram account can not only help you increase your reach, but also increase your conversion rates. Therefore we created a comprehensive list of the most inspiring Bay Area Micro Influencer in the category Lifestyle. These are our Top 5:



Aubrie Pick || @aubriepick






Aubrie Pick is a lifestyle, portrait and interior photographer who takes cool pictures of celebrities, food, and models. Her Instagram account is a grab-bag full of samples of her photos. She has 14,1 k followers.



Shan Berries || @shanberries






Shan Berries is a familiar face in the Bay Area. She is the Assistant Producer of the Fernando and Greg Morning Show and Midday Jock on 99.7. She recently launched her own makeup line Shades by Shan. She has 17,7 k followers.


Amaliny Hasselbeck || @thatboheme

micro influencer san francisco

micro influencer bay area






Amaliny Hasselbeck is a mom who remained young with a cool lifestyle. Her Instagram lifestyle account displays her passion for skateboarding, surfing, basketball, tech, startups, and music. She holds a Ph.D. in Technology Management. She has 15,1 k followers.


Mikey Wu || @wuwulife






Mikey Wu is a passionate individual who has lived his life in a carefree manner since a young age. He calls the world his playground because he’s able to connect with people through the businesses he builds and enjoys what life has brought him. He has 16,7 k followers.


Stefanie Lee || @_stefaniiee






Stefanie Lee is a San Francisco Native and a skilled hair and makeup artist with over 5 years of experience in the beauty industry. Her Instagram gallery is a mix of lifestyle, travel and beauty posts. She has 14,9 k followers.



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