Travel and Hospitality Mobile Marketing Trends 2018

Travel and Hospitality Mobile Marketing Trends

Rising travel research on mobile is not surprising. Therefore the potential of travel and hospitality mobile marketing is immense. Some data and statistics give an idea of the immense potential of targeted mobile marketing for the travel and hospitality industry. According to google, 70% of travellers, which own a smartphone have done travel research on their mobile phones. The potential of travel and hospitality mobile marketing is even higher, considering that according to booking.com half of the traveller’s journeys start on the mobile phone and that 50% of the millennial travellers have discovered a new travel company while researching on the mobile phone. According to google, one-third of mobile searches are related to a location. With google moving from rewarding mobile-friendliness to a mobile-first approach, it is a safe bet, that the mobile trend will continue.

How can you as a travel or hospitality business leverage this enormous mobile marketing potential?

Read more in the article our founder Dr. Amaliny Hasselbeck has published in hotelspeak. Hotelspeak is a hotel and travel marketing community aimed at providing actionable advice for hoteliers and hotel marketing teams.



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