Hotel Snapchat Marketing – 13 Proven Tactics

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Developing a strong online presence is crucial for the hospitality and tourism industry in an increasingly competitive market. In the present time where technology is an essential part of people’s lives, hotel businesses have to maintain a digital presence in order to communicate and stay connected with consumers. A recent figure shows that there are currently 3.2 billion internet users in the world, and the number is expected to rise by 2018. Deciding which social media platforms to use is a significant part of developing a marketing strategy that suits your business.

Snapchat is currently one of the top social media apps that people are using, along with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. According to HootSuite, statistics in 2016 shows that there are over 300 million active users every month. It was predicted that in 2017, Snapchat will have more users than Twitter and LinkedIn. Recent data also reveals there are over two billion snaps created daily, and that there is a steady growth of usage in North America, Europe and the rest of the world. In terms of user experience, Snapchat content is very much real-time, personal and immediate, creating a sense of realism. Furthermore, Snapchat users often share personal content, that is, happened in their everyday life. Hence when a brand attempts to connect with them through Snapchat, there is a sense of intimacy—as though they’re communicating with a friend rather than a brand. When it comes to engaging guests, hotels, as well as a number of tour operators typically display user-generated content, for instance, reposting guests’ posts.


There are a number of Hotel Snapchat Marketing tactics, which hotel managers and tour agencies are encouraged to try:


1. Various Content

Snapchat enables brands to create different types of content, from videos to interactive ads. Music and animations can be included, strengthening the appeal of the content. The varying components could lead to a boost in brand awareness and brand recognition. There is no limit to creativity, as Snapchat content is considered informal and fun.


2. Personalised Geofilters

Users’ favorite location based filters are a fun and easy way to share their current location with others. Hotels can create their own geofilters for visitors who are staying in a certain country, which would not be present when the visitor stays at the same hotel in a different country. Although targeting certain market on Snapchat can be costly, marketers might want to consider personalized geofilters as they are also more affordable, starting at $5 per 20,000 square feet.


3. Personalised Filters

Face filters can also be considered as this is the most common form of user-generated content. For instance, in order to promote an upcoming movie, there is a special limited edition filter based on the movie. Users are able to take a snap using the filter and post it on their story feed. This strategy is particularly effective for raising awareness. To encourage users participation, perhaps hotels can set up a filter, which can only be found on a certain floor or a certain area.


4. Increased Interaction

Responses on Snapchat are immediate and real-time, which means interaction with customers is prompt. Customers’ inquiries would also be instantly handled.


5. Partnership with Social Media Influencer

Collaboration with social media influencers could assist the hospitality industry in delivering their content to the mass audience, emphasizing brand personality, as well as driving customers’ purchase decision and ultimately increase sales.


6. Events Update

For any events such as seminars, events held at hotels or cultural festivals, brands are able to do a ‘live update’ on Snapchat. This entails sharing event highlights in the form of short videos, thus followers are able to watch the event as it happens. A new geofilter especially made for the event would be a creative way to encourage guests to post their own content.


7. Sneak Peeks

Sharing some sneak peeks of new products before the official launch is a good way to inform the customers as well as to predict whether or not it is going to succeed on the market.


8. Behind the Scenes

Filming some behind-the-scenes is a good way to show customers that they are a part of the brand’s journey. This footage can be exclusive to followers of the brand only.


9. Campaigns

Marketing campaigns on Snapchat are likely to be successful due to its wide reach worldwide. For instance, hotels and tour agencies can create a themed campaign in which their followers can submit their own content, such as, their favorite things about a certain country. CEO of Snapchat, Evan Spiegel, has revealed that there is a significant rise in video views, from two billion views earlier in 2015 and later in 2016, ten billion views per day. It was believed to be the result of encouragement towards creating—rather than “simply consuming”. When consumers contribute by creating, it is a more active and effective form of interaction.


10. Guest Content

“Takeover” by social media influencers such as travel bloggers can provide quality guest content that could lead to an increase in web traffic and number of followers.


11. Cross-promotion

This means promoting Snapchat content on other social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. This aims to bring more views and engagement on Snapchat.


12. Product Demo

At times, people are still confused about how a certain product really works. Videos showing a demo about how the product works, or other tips and tricks, would be a very useful for customers. For instance, a brief demo on how to use hotel-booking apps.


13. Multiple Admins

Hotel Snapchat Marketing is all about unleashing creativity, therefore have more than one admin to post content. This will bring more diverse content that is more likely to keep the customers interested.


In conclusion, Snapchat is a highly effective tool in involving customers. People love when their content is recognized by brands, even more, when brands invite them to be a part of the brand’s story. Additionally, it is equally important to know which social media to use, however, it is also important to ensure a positive return on investment (ROI), as Snapchat content is fairly expensive and if it proves to be ineffective and cost-efficient, perhaps it is not the most suitable tool to use.

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