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We are looking for experienced digital marketing professionals and digital nomads who are also great writers to guest-write for our digital marketing and PR blog. This is a great way to build your personal brand in the digital marketing industry.

We are seeking a savvy wordsmith to join our blogging team as a guest blogger. Articles must address one topic and one topic only per post. Topics will be quickly and easily approved by us in advance, based on our clear and reasonable guidelines of target audiences and preferred topics/direction.

 Guest bloggers will have:

  • A passion for and strong understanding of the Digital Marketing and PR industry, its role in business and the benefits of good Digital Marketing and PR

  • An understanding of target clients’ profiles, buyers of Digital Marketing and PR at large corporations, the issues (needs, wants and problems) they face and the solutions they require

  • Expert-level skills in problem-solving for corporations that are looking for insight

  • Exceptional writing skills and a passion for writing

Responsibilities Include:

  • Writing articles about industry topics, trends and issues

  • Giving expert public relations opinions on current news and political, entertainment and business headlines

Guest Post Guidelines:

Thanks for your interest in contributing to millionmetrics Digital Marketing and PR blog. We’re glad to have you here, and we look forward to sharing your expertise with our readers. Below are our standard style and submission guidelines. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Content & Style:

millionmetrics covers a variety of Digital Marketing and PR topics on its blog. The most popular posts deal with Digital Marketing and PR in Retail, eCommerce, Tourism and Hospitality industries and current events. How-to and top-10 lists are also popular. millionmetrics’ blog readers expect the blog content to be educational, entertaining and focused on informative solutions.

Search Engine Optimization:

We do not require search engine optimization of submissions, though it is certainly encouraged. Feel free to do keyword sculpting, but make sure the posts are reader-friendly for our audience first – not for search engines.


Posts must be educational and not promotional. Links pointing to relevant content on a blog from the body of the post are acceptable but should not be promotional in nature. A link to your website or your blog may be included in the bio at the end of the post.

All content must be exclusive to the millionmetrics Digital Marketing and PR blog, original and authored by you. You may use ideas, concepts and lessons you have written about in the past as long as the content itself is new and unique. You may also post a snippet on your blog that directs people to the post, linking back to our blog.

 Style Guide:

  • Article length: 650-1200 words

  • Post titles: AP-style caps, no more than 70 characters in length

  • Subheads: Use of subheads (H2, H1, etc.), section headlines, bulleted lists and unordered lists are encouraged for attractive user experience and readability.

Images & Graphics:

  • Format: .jpg or .png

  • Size: no larger than 500 pixels wide

  • Sourcing: Source images at the end of the post and include links for attribution.

Bio & Headshot:

Provide a brief biography (approximately 50 words) describing your expertise. You may include links to personal or company social media profiles. Additionally, you may provide up to a 100-by-100-pixel headshot to include with the bio.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Posts should be submitted via Google Docs.

  • Author bio (may include links)

  • Optional: Bio picture (no more than 100 by 100 pixels)

  • Optional: Additional supporting images (charts, graphs, logos, etc.)

  • You must have all rights and license for all items submitted.

Promotion & Reader Interaction:

millionmetrics promotes posts via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. Your posts may be syndicated by other blogs. Guest bloggers are encouraged to distribute their posts throughout social media. Please check the blog post intermittently to respond to any comments.


Guest blog posts and images should be original content and not repurposed in their entirety on your website or other blogs. Discussing the post on your blog while linking to it is acceptable.

Submission Instructions:

  • Send millionmetrics your article (with images), author bio and headshot using Google Docs.

  • Publication dates are based on millionmetrics’ editorial calendar. If your post is approved, we’ll get in contact with you before publication so you may promote accordingly.

  • millionmetrics reserves the right to edit posts for clarity, grammar, voice and relevance. Posts that require significant editing may be rejected.

Thanks again for your interest in contributing to millionmetrics Digital Marketing and PR blog!

2 thoughts on “Call For Guest Bloggers

  1. Hey Million Metrics!

    I’ve been following your site for a while and wanted to reach out and see if you’d consider accepting a guest post to share with your readers.

    I’m contacting you on behalf of Freelancermap, where I work as their content creator. We connect freelancers with international job postings, and also provide weekly tips, advice, interviews and industry news to freelancers, remote workers and digital nomads, so I think our two audiences have a lot of cross-over!

    A few guest post ideas I’d love to discuss with you:

    – 10 Myths About Freelancing that You Need to Know

    – Are you Selling Yourself Properly as a Freelancer?

    – A Day in the Life of a Digital Nomad Copywriter

    Alternatively, if there’s any similar posts you’ve been meaning to write but haven’t got around to yet, I’d love to see if I could offer a perspective!

    Looking forward to hearing from you.



    1. Hi Yasmin,

      yes, that sounds great. We would be happy to share your guest posts with our readers, as we can also see a lot of cross-over here.
      Also, we would be glad to share our guest posts with your readers in return as well, as we are also writing about digital nomads and global freelance working.
      Looking forward to hearing from you via email: amaliny@millionmetrics.com.

      Thanks a lot

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